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Watch: How to Have Multi-Orgasms for All Bodies

Your orgasmic potential is unlimited! Let’s open up to the possibilities that live within your body. 

In this month’s Mindful Sex workshop, my Beloved Christopher Brown (LCSW, CST) co-hosted with me to bring teachings about how all bodies can explore multi-dimensional pleasure potential and learn tips to build your orgasmic capacity. Most of us have a fundamental misunderstanding of how our bodies work, and where our pleasure can take us.

For people with pussies: learn how to enjoy pleasure in your whole body, better understand your clitoral complex, the different types of orgasms that are possible, and how your greatest pleasure potential is found in breath, slowness, and attention.

For people with penises: learn how you can separate out orgasm from ejaculation, how you can deepen your self-pleasure practice (it’s a marathon, not a sprint), and how to feel this transition in your brain and your body.

Watch the full workshop here on Patreon for free.

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