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Upcoming Events

Embodiment, Pleasure and Eroticism for Men // Workshop I: Mindful Eroticism // May 7

In the Mindful Eroticism workshop you’ll learn how to cultivate erotic energy in your body in service of deeper intimacy. As a group we’ll discuss cultivation of erotic energy as a masculine-bodied person. Sunday, May 7 in Honolulu.

Mindful Intimacy for Everyone, Part II // May 28

Go deeper into your exploration of conscious sexuality in our Mindful Intimacy (Part II) class. We’ll get a little more experimental and explore deeply connecting somatic practices to build your pleasure map. Sunday, May 28; more details forthcoming.

Sex Life Reboot! 5-Week Online Group

Do you want more magic in your relationship? Do you want to become the lover you’ve always wanted to be? Join this powerfully transformative online masterclass to improve your communication, touch, and sexual skills so that you can access the sexiest version of yourself. We start June 18, 2023.

Embodiment, Pleasure and Eroticism for Men // Workshop II: Deeper Touch & Expanded Pleasure for Men // June 4

In Workshop II you’ll learn more about the anatomy and psychology of arousal, and find new ways to approach touch, pleasure, and orgasm.

Couples Immersions (Ongoing)

A custom, 3-hour workshop for you and your partner. This is a special time to commit to yourself and to each other in this private, bespoke event.