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Upcoming Events

Femme February // Consent is SO HOT, February 5

Join me for my most popular workshop where you will learn a more nuanced (and DELIGHTFUL) approach to touch. You’ll learn to practice feeling into your YES and NO, and build awareness around giving and receiving touch.

Deep Connections: a 20-Day Journey for Women

Join me and Oahu’s finest Life Coach, Terra Pracht, to learn communication and consent practices for the bedroom and the boardroom. This 3-part, in-person workshop series offers a 20-day exploration to help you express your feelings, needs, and desires. Space is limited!

Conscious Sexuality Class Series, Spring 2023

Do you want to open yourself up to a deeper, more conscious approach to sex and pleasure? Join me and a few other brave souls in my live, online series exploring mindful intimacy practices. Starting March 2023.

Femme February // Expand your Pleasure Ceiling, February

How much pleasure can you hold in your body? Learn how to break through your pleasure ceiling with three practices that will help you cultivate and expand your sexual energy.

Femme February // Mindful Eroticism, February 12

In this sexy workshop, we’ll practice a range of self-touch practices and sensation tools to explore and expand our own pleasure map. The goal is to get deeper into our bodies and practice articulation of our desires.

Femme February // Introduction to Tantra, February 26

Deeply connect with yourself and your partner using Tantric practices to enhance intimacy. You’ll learn five practices that will help you step in a richer intimacy with self and others, with deeper intention and attention.