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The Four Realms of Sexuality

There are so many ways to explore our sexuality and relationships. As a Sex Educator and Sex Coach, I focus my work within four realms of sexuality to help people explore and expand into what they need (or want) most. This framework can help you better understand the various ways our sexuality affects all aspects of our life. And it can also guide you into important conversations to have with your partnership or with your lovers. 

Let’s explore the four realms of sexuality so that you can better know yourself. 

SELF: What is Your Relationship to Self? 

I invite you to consider the idea that YOU are your own best lover, now and forever. Knowing yourself and connecting to your own body is a practice in itself. And for many of us, it can be quite difficult to access. For so many reasons, we might not feel safe in our own bodies or with our sexuality.  

OTHERS: What is Your Relationship to Others?

No matter who you love or how you partner, having emotional intelligence, building your empathy and compassion skills, and learning how to have hard conversations is intimately connected to who you are as a sexual person. 

BODY: What is Your Relationship to Your Body?

How does your body work—anatomically, physiologically, sexually? How might it change over time? What happens when it doesn’t do what you want it to do? 

SEX: What is Your Relationship to Your Sexuality & Sexual Expression?

Sexuality and gender exist on a spectrum, and what a beautiful rainbow it is! What activities do you desire? What fantasies do you have? With whom do you want to play? All of these make up your unique sexuality. 

This is a snippet of a longer article I created as the Sacred Sexuality writer on Conscious City Guide. Read the full article on Conscious City Guide here.

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