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The Erotic Thread: Connection to Self & Other

Last month I taught about the Erotic Thread, and it was a great class. And yet, with so much of this work, there is more to share. I’ll be teaching another class about the Erotic Thread on May 25. It’s online, and it’s free. Learn more and register here.

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As I conceptualize it, the Erotic Thread is the connecting point between sexual experiences. Tending the erotic thread is an antidote to expectation, routine, and the myth of ‘spontaneous sex.’ The Erotic Thread helps us honor the full range of our sexual selves, and keeps sex and eroticism integrated into our lives. So many of my clients separate out sex from the rest of their life, when really an integrated approach is what’s most healing—not because you have to have sex, but because sex is part of our wholeness.

What is the Erotic Thread?

The erotic thread is how we connect our last sexual experience with our next sexual experience. You can also think of it as the ‘simmer—’ how to keep your waters warm before your next boil. In more simple terms, it’s playing the long game in your relationship. 

The erotic thread is the in-between space of trust, flirtation, intimacy, connection, and play that allows us to stay connected erotically during these in-between times… even if you’re not having sex… no matter how long it is in-between.

Erotic threads are always present in long-term sexual relationships; we can tend to these connecting threads well using some of the tips I will share here in this below article. We can also tend to them poorly, or we can neglect them entirely. 

Read the full article here on Conscious City Guide!

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