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The Conscious Couple Workbook

In service of your ever-deepening connection and intimacy, I’m sharing a long-form workbook to explore! In this 20+ page workbook, you’ll find ways new ways to engage your HEAD, HEART, BODY, and SEX.

You’ll get education, practices, and skills-building that can help you be more thoughtful, introspective, and vulnerable with yourself and your partner. If you’d a single babe at the moment, I invite you to dive in anyway, and practice getting to know new aspects of yourself.

In April, I was invited to speak to a group of married folks at a private event. I had the honor of teaching a group of men in the morning, and their ladies in the afternoon. We uncovered so much in our sessions, and I sent them all home with this rich workbook to guide them into further intimate connection.

May it serve you and your lovers well.. 🩷

⭐️ Please note: this doesn’t seem to be loading well on mobile, so you may need to open on desktop! You can get the direct download here ⭐️