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sexual healing

Think About Arousal Like a Staircase

How can you explore the staircase of your arousal? My job as a Pleasure Coach is to help my clients expand your modes of sex to have more fun, more pleasure and be more playful. If you love your default sex, awesome. If you want more, please keep reading. 

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The Erotic Thread: Connection to Self & Other

The erotic thread is how we connect our last sexual experience with our next sexual experience. You can also think of it as the ‘simmer—’ how to keep your waters warm before your next boil. In more simple terms, it’s playing the long game in your relationship. 

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What is Tantric Sex Really Like?

Tantra is the primary pathway that I’ve followed in my journey towards conscious sexuality. It’s been a deeply healing process, and full of delicious sensual and sexual experiences—most of which I didn’t know were possible!