Ala Moana Farmer’s Market

I was able to start my weekend off right with a trip to the Ala Moana Farmer’s Market. This is one of my favorite markets here on Oahu, run by the same dynamic lady duo that runs the Haleiwa Farmer’s Market. The Ala Moana market is great for many reasons:

  • Most importantly, lots of quality produce from our island farms. Organic, exotic, local!
  • It’s at a good time (Saturday mornings), and I can usually remember to go!
  • It’s held at the mall, and I think it’s a GREAT way to give the finger to the consumerist bullshit that the mall generally represents. Who needs all that Prada, J.Crew, and Chanel crap when we have beets and greens and fresh bread and eggs and music?!
  • Such good prices: for only $40, I walked away with lots of calamansi (sweet-tart mini citrus fruits), limes, oranges, mangoes, pastured eggs, turnips, collards, kale, beets, choi sum, cilantro, jicama, lemongrass, green papaya salad, avocado, and two wee bananas.
    My favorite market find: calamansi limes. Can't get these babies at Safeway!

My favorite market find: calamansi limes. Can’t get these babies at Safeway!


i want a hippopotamus for christmas

well, technically a hippopotamus is not on the available list, but you can purchase a family of goats, a dozen chicks, a camel, and a wide assortment of animal related love for oxfam america‘s unwrapped gift-giving/donation program.

how clever is this?

homegrown wool, anyone?


this is how it works: pick a gift for a friend or loved one, they get sent a card saying that, for example, a tribe of goats was donated in their name, and Oxfam America gets the money and puts it towards programs to help “find solutions to poverty, hunger, and social injustice.”  it is true that if you pay for a goat, it does not mean that the farmer in Peru will actually get one goat, but it’s symbolic- and encourages us to think about what is really important this holiday season- and the rest of the year!

the goats are high on my list...

oxfam unwrapped also offers all manner of do-gooder gifts like school uniforms, helping a woman start a small business, and digging a well in a community.  check out their site for lists of great (and clever) gift ideas and share the joy with everyone.

a pair of oxen for the fields.

farmer’s market finds

this week we were able to go to two farmer’s markets here in town.

on wednesday there is a market in makawao town, just a five minute walk from our little house. and today (saturday) there is a new ‘upcountry farmer’s market’ in pukalani, just about ten minutes drive away. i have to admit that the lack of vendors (leading to a seriously limited supply of  vegetables) is pretty disappointing, especially since the kapiolani farmer’s market on oahu set my standards pretty high (regardless of all those tour buses, that’s not so cool).

but from only a handful of actual farmers selling their wares, we were able to find the following beautiful veggies in makawao: a bunch of leeks and purple pak choi from kumulani farms, white and purple carrots from cocoa farms, and local eggs and honey from another vendor. oh yes, and passion fruit and bananas for a ‘donation’ of only three dollars!

the veggies are soaking in water to make them more crisp and sturdy- it's an important step to keeping your veggies in great shape


today, from a similarly small group of sellers we got: a drinking coconut for me, unsprayed pineapples, and some cilantro, pretty purple kale and hefty golden beets (from cocoa farms again).

this was right when we got home: the kale and beet greens look much sturdier now!

and what did we make? the foods included baked carrots with parsnips (from whole foods), caramelized leeks with soft-cooked polenta, lots of steamed kale, and i made some banana bread with teeccino… the recipe is coming soon.

will work for food!

Field Report – Will Work for Food

ahhhh, sundays.  always a day off for me- and time for the new york times.  though i am not a subscriber any longer (i literally could not finish the whole sunday paper during the week!), i do spend my sunday mornings reading the times… especially the magazine section, which always seems to be my favorite.  this week: young folks apprenticing all over the country to learn how to grow, work, eat, and live with others: a good story about a group of young (new) farmers in Chelsea, Michigan.  makes me miss ann arbor for sure!