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Sex is Yoga & Yoga is Sex

The tools that deepen your yoga practice offer an opportunity to explore deeper pleasure in the bedroom, too. Learning how to be mindful of sensation, tuning into conscious breath, and finding slowness are the keys to more conscious, connected experiences.

I’ve been a dedicated yoga practitioner for more than 20 years. Yoga is my primary embodiment and physical movement practice. This beautiful practice has given me a foundation of breath, embodiment, and depth of spiritual practice that I can’t imagine living without, and I have deep respect for the art, science, and spirituality of yoga disciplines.

I continue to practice yoga daily alongside building my other practice as a Sex Coach in Honolulu. The more I practice, explore, and teach about mindful sex and build my own intimacy practices, the more I realize that yoga is sex … and sex is yoga. Using the tools of mindfulness, slowness, and sensation we can learn to show up in new ways on the mat and in bed. 

But it wasn’t always like this for me, as a yogi or as a lover.

Read my full article here on Conscious City Guide to find out the tools to bring depth of practice to yoga and sex.

Photo by Huha Inc. on Unsplash

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