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Pleasure is Nourishment: A Podcast Interview with Kiss & Tell Magazine

I was interviewed on the Kiss & Tell Podcast last week, and got to talk about all things sex & pleasure with the kind and brilliant hosts, Dr. Jenny & Dr. Sabrina. 

Most of you know that my passion is helping others find deeper access to their pleasure. What you might not know is this is my own healing journey, too. 

In our ~35 minute conversation I got to speak about my experience of leaving an emotionally abusive relationship, breaking out of the mold of the ‘good girlfriend,’ and learning to question my wants and express desires. We spoke about how there are many pathways to deep nourishment, and I talked about my own journey from food to money to sexual wellness, and how it’s all connected.

I share more of my story in the hope that you will find something for you: our paths might not be exactly the same, but I hope that it shows you what growth can look like. And in service of our collective learning/unlearning, I’m embracing some new business strategies. 

During this past two-ish years of coaching, teaching, and creating content, I’ve realized that longer-form content and workshops are definitely the most impactful way to share my wisdom. Social media is fun and playful, but 90-seconds isn’t enough time to share the nuance that’s needed for this conversation. 

This podcast (and my newly launched PATREON page!) will give you a chance to learn from me in a new way. Get ready to dive deeper into sexual wellness, no matter where you on on this journey.

Watch now!

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