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Online Course! Rethinking Sex: Expanding your Definition of Intimacy, Play & Pleasure

I’ve just launched my first online course to help you better understand sex and pleasure, and explore myths and misconceptions that might be affecting your access to connection and expansion.

My school on Teachable is Sex Worth Having: Pleasure Coaching and Relationship Intelligence. I chose this name for the school because Sex Worth Having is the name of my forthcoming podcast, and it covers a wide breadth of content to be included.

The first class is Rethinking Sex: Expand your Definition of Intimacy, Play, and Pleasure. I chose this topic for my first course because I believe the skills and wisdom you’ll get here are beneficial to ALL people, whether you’re single, married, queer, straight, or however else you identify. This class is for anyone that’s interested in being sexual and finding pleasure in their own body.

This class is for anyone that…

  • Wants to unwind old ideas about what sex is and what sex can be
  • Needs to better understand common challenges in relationships
  • Desires to explore new ways to enjoy sex and pleasure
  • Is having challenges with sex, pain, desire, or arousal… learn some anatomy basics and find out ways to explore outside of ‘regular sex.’

This online course has a $40 fee. I chose a lower rate for my first course because I want to make my work more accessible to everyone that wants to explore; more offerings are coming soon (January 2024 is the next launch).

Here’s what one of my early beta students said this about the course: “I learned that it’s perfectly okay to need time and connection before engaging in sexual activity in order to make it more pleasurable and enjoyable, and I learned that I am not responsible to anyone for their sexual experiences, and others are not responsible for mine. I also gained insights into my own anatomy and dispelled several myths about how things ‘should be.'” ๐Ÿ’˜

Click any of the images or links above to be start your online learning journey and find your path to deeper