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Paid Offerings… For Deeper Exploration

Grow & Expand

This is your resource for deeper exploration. Below you can find my paid online offerings. My online courses are a great way to get to know me and learn more about this work, and you can study these in the privacy of your own home. I invite you in to the wisdom and depth of pleasure that awaits.

attachment theory

On-demand Workshop // Rethinking Sex: Expanding your Definition of Intimacy, Play & Pleasure

This 75 minute online course gives you dozens of ways to think about sex really differently. Dismantle myths, learn anatomy, understand desires, and so much more. Course includes worksheets and resources for additional exploration.

Click here to learn via Teachable.

Coming Soon // Relationship Intelligence: Four Lessons for Healing Your Love

This in-depth course helps you explore better relating with four key foundations: Connection, Communication, Touch, and Desire. Coming January 2024 💘

Coming soon…

Coming Soon // The Four Foundations for Mindful Sex: Explore Your Depth of Pleasure for Everybody

No matter your sexuality, gender, or relationship status, this delicious 50-minute workshop offers you four key ways to deepen your pleasure in both giving and receiving. My four Foundations of Mindful Sex has helped my clients and students expand into deeper, more conscious sexuality.

Coming soon…