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Mindful Sex for Men

Here are four ways to explore mindful sex for men to build stronger relationships and connect more deeply with your partner.

I got to speak about my work today with some potential event partners. I realized that my work is to connect with the women to help heal the men, and connect with the men to help heal women. There is so much that women can do to help heal the men, and likewise so much men can do to help heal women… this is especially important for those of us in heterosexual relationships, but is true for the collective, too. We ALL have a role in healing the collective! This feels like a pretty powerful guiding mission.

In service of said mission, check out my most recent article on Conscious City Guide about Mindful Sex for Men. This article looks specifically at how men can use my Four Foundations of Mindful Sex to have deeper connections and better sex.

The Four Foundations of Mindful Sex for Men are the following:

  • Mindful Sex for Men: Focus on Mindfulness
  • Mindful Sex for Men: Attend to Slowness
  • Mindful Sex for Men: Give Yourself Over to Deep Attention
  • Mindful Sex for Men: Create Intention

Read the full article over on Conscious City Guide. I am one of their Community Partners bringing wisdom and healing to the world.

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