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Individual & Couples Coaching

Hi, you. I’m so excited that you’re ready to dive into pleasure coaching and explore sexuality, relationships, love, and connection. Cheers to you for investing in discovery… play… JOY! 💕

“This work has made me rethink pleasure and how to reconnect with both myself and my partner.”— N.P., Honolulu

I help all kinds of amazing people learn more about intimacy and desire. I work with people that are single, partnered, and some that are exploring beyond the dyad. Partnerships of any sex, gender expression, and sexual orientation are welcome—all that’s required of you is a willingness to explore! I will walk (or run!) alongside you on your path of growth and discovery. 

Curious about whether pleasure coaching is for you? Check out my article here about What Does a Pleasure Coach Do? to learn more.

Your coaching sessions will be tailored to your specific needs and wants. The discovery will start with your intake session, and as we get to know each other during our sessions, I will bring in specific practices, lessons, and tools that will help guide you towards deeper pleasure and expanded experience.

Sometimes we know we want MORE—but we’re not sure exactly WHAT more looks like or where to start. If you need ideas on what we can work on together, here are some of the things I’ve taught clients in my work as a Pleasure Coach and Sex Educator:

  • Anatomy & Physiology: Review or learn for the first time how your sexual anatomy works.
  • Pleasure Practice: Approach self-touch as an experiential practice like yoga or meditation.
  • Desire: Cultivate and expand desire for yourself and/or your partner(s).
  • Meet Your Erotic Self: Shame and limiting stories are blocks to your sensuality and sexuality. Remove them through Sex and Pleasure Coaching—removing these obstacles will make space for more fulfilling sex and intimacy.
  • Intuitive, Mindful Sex: Explore your intuition and learn to listen to your body with gentle, guided touch practices.
  • Deep Erotic Embodiment: Explore new sensations and engaging practices to expand your definition of desire and touch.
  • Tantric Exploration: Apply ancient wisdom with a modern approach to sexuality for deeper connection with yourself and others.
  • Deeper Communication: Practice deep conversations with your people to increase intimacy.

How Does Pleasure Coaching Work?

I will customize your individual and relationship coaching sessions to meet your needs, schedule, and timeline. We’ll figure out your goals and the best way to achieve them during our intake session, and we’ll determine the frequency and total number of sessions. Some clients prefer to work intensely over a short period of time (one or two months). Others like to take it slow and work longer-term (12 months or more). I offer individual sessions in-person, on phone, or on Zoom. For relationship sessions I offer in-person and Zoom sessions. I also offer intensive one-time sessions. These intensive sessions are a minimum of two hours at my current hourly rate. Please inquire about my rates by using the form below.

It’s my sincere pleasure to offer this opportunity for expansion to you. A whole world of connection, pleasure, and joy awaits. Contact me today so that we can start on your path to more. You deserve it.

Are you ready? Please start here 🌺

Coaching is very individualized per person or per couple. Sharing what you need allows me to better understand key focus areas of our work together and to ensure we're a good fit.