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Group Coaching: An Introduction to Conscious Sexuality

Welcome to our March/April 2023 Introduction to Conscious Sexuality group coaching cohort—I’m happy that you’re invested in pleasure… discovery… play… JOY!

Join other bold, curious humans to explore the depths of your own pleasure, connection, and erotic embodiment over five deliciously juicy weeks. 💕

“This work has made me rethink pleasure and how to reconnect with both myself and my partner.” — N.P., Honolulu

Curious about whether pleasure coaching is for you? Check out my article here about What Does a Pleasure Coach Do? to learn more.

Our group will meet weekly for 90 minute sessions over Zoom over five weeks. In these sessions I will guide you with presentations and lecture, and we’ll leverage the power of the collective with group discussions and breakout sessions to explore and expand our definition of pleasure, intimacy, and sexuality. After our meeting, you’ll take home juicy practices to keep you engaged and inspired and learning.

Your cohort will be custom designed around your interests, and there are some general frameworks we’ll use to guide our time together. Below is a summary of what your play/work will look like during your five-week pleasure coaching cohort. Sign up using the form below! ⤵️

Date & Time! Monday evenings, 6:30-8PM (Hawaii time/HST) March 20, 27, April 3, 10, 17)

  • Week 1: Opening Up to Pleasure & Sexuality 🌺
    • Envision new types of intimacy, sex, and pleasure for yourself and for your partner(s)
    • Rediscover yourself as a sexual being
    • Learn where intimacy comes from and how to cultivate it in your relationships and with yourself
  • Week 2: Sexual Stories & Sexual Values 🧠
    • Dismantle legacy misinformation about sex, relationships, sexuality, and communication
    • Examine your old limiting beliefs and scripts. What do you tell yourself about sex? How do these stories affect your relationships?
    • Redefine your sexual stories. Free yourself from the narratives that are keeping you from the sex you want and the pleasure you deserve
  • Week 3: Sexual Wholeness 🤗
    • SCIENCE is SEXY! Review (or learn for the first time) about how your sexual anatomy ACTUALLY works
    • Learn about sexual response and desire (hint: it’s not what we see in the movies!) and discover how you can better understand your desire and work with it
    • Explore your intuition & learn to listen to your body with gentle, guided touch practices.
  • Week 4: Deep Erotic Embodiment ❤️‍🔥
    • Pleasure is a practice: learn to approach self touch in an experiential way, just like yoga or meditation
    • Discover new ways to explore your body using skills from a mindfulness training program
    • Play! You’ll be guided though some sensation play practices using regular (but lovely!) household items
  • Week 5: Playing Well with Others 💕
    • (Even if you’re not currently partnered, this module is juicy and interesting, and you can utilize it right away with yourself)
    • Explore your needs/wants/desires with a unique consent framework to help you access your full-bodied YES
    • Learn three basic Tantra practices for deeper connection
    • Practice deep conversations with your person to increase intimacy

❤️‍🔥Let’s do it ❤️‍🔥


Payment required to secure your spot

Refunds available 20 days before start date; after that 50% refund only

Pay in full or inquire about 3-part payment (small admin fee added)

Joining a group cohort gives you a 15% discounted rate on future 1:1 or 2:1 coaching

Generosity option to contribute to scholarship options for Native Hawaiians*

10% of my profits are donated to local feminist justice groups

Ready to get started? Please start here 🌺

In each coaching cohort we will dive into a range of topics that will help you explore and expand your pleasure practices. And, I also want to tailor our work to your specific needs; sharing what you need allows me to better understand key focus areas of our work together.