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The History of Our Sex

Rekindle your sexy connection with each other!

This worksheet is meant to help you find the best parts of your sexual history together to create hotter sex now. In these 14 questions, you might find parts of the lover within that’s been left behind. You might remember sex acts, positions, and/or contexts that you can bring into this moment.

This worksheet will help you use the ‘highlight reel’ of your relationship’s most playful, wildest, and sexiest adventures to reignite and be your sexiest selves now.

As you do the worksheet, notice how you feel in your body, notice what themes emerge, and tune into any sensations that arise.

You can do this as a journaling exercise, and then share answers with each other. You can download the document and write on it, or just journal your answers (download link is below the document). Alternatively, you can make it a back/forth conversation where you each ask the questions of each other.