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Pleasure is a Practice

Conscious rebellion is in your HANDS (no, literally!) Taking back our pleasure is rebellion in a culture that tells us women’s bodies are too complicated, that our bodies are not worth figuring out. Taking back our pleasure helps narrow the orgasm gap, helps us navigate complex intimate situations, and allows us to expand our intimacy with ourselves and others.

And there’s science behind this too:

  • Dr. Laurie Mintz, author of Get Cliterate, reminds us that only 4-18% of women orgasm with penetration alone. So if you have ever struggled with this particular ‘problem,’ first, know that you’re not alone.
  • A recent study of British women found that nearly 50% couldn’t correctly identify their own genital anatomy; a US study a year later found nearly the same results. In the US study 43% could not identify their own labia.
  • The complex network of erectile tissue in vulva-based bodies can take 30-45 minutes to be properly engorged (and turned on); the average male body takes about 5 minutes. When we better understand our own anatomy we can experience deeper pleasure.

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