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Tips for Pain-Free Penetrative Sex

My dear friend and gifted physical therapist, Dr. Summer Reynolds, and I have partnered to create a handout to help you have pain-free penetrative sex and more pleasure in your sex life.

In her work as a physical therapist specializing in pelvic floor health, Dr. Summer knows that so many of her patients struggle with the physical pain in their body but also the intimate pain of difficult or painful penetrative sex. Sex should NEVER be painful, and we want you to have tips and practices to help your sex be easier and more pleasurable. There is also a lot more to sex than penetration: learning to build intimate connection and find new ways to play is one of the gifts I offer my clients.

We created this free download so that you can find a more pleasurable path towards pain-free penetrative sex. In this handout, you’ll learn how to start having important conversations about sex with your partner and you get techniques and tips from Dr. Summer about making your body feel better and helping you enjoy sex more. You deserve so much pleasure and ease in your sexual relationships. 💕


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