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Free Offerings… for Your Deepest Pleasure

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On this page you can find free resources to learn more about mindful intimacy, deep pleasure, and erotic embodiment. These videos are a great way to learn more about me, explore topics that might be new to you, and find some foundational tools and practices for your sensual expression.

attachment theory

WATCH // Deeper Touch & Expanded Pleasure for Men Workshop

This one-hour discussion is about conscious sexuality, mindful intimacy, and sexual energy focused on people with penises. In this class, I introduce you to three erotic embodiment practices.

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PRACTICE // Sexy Breathwork for One

Use this 12-minute practice any time you want to drop into pleasure: feel your breath, your sensation, your pelvic floor, and learn to engage with sexual energy at any time.

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WATCH // Mindful Sex Workshop

This delicious 50-minute workshop offers you a grounded, holistic approach to touch, breath, and desire that can deepen your relationship with self and others. Whether you’re single or partnered, you will take home skills that you can put into practice immediately.

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PRACTICE // Yes, No, Maybe & Fantasy List

I promise, this is the sexiest homework you’ve ever had. Take home this sexy worksheet to learn more about what you really want, what you’re open to exploring, and what’s best left in your fantasies.

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WATCH // 6 Essential Sex Skills for Men

This is one of my favorite reels I’ve ever made, as it distills down six of the most important things men need to know in order to expand their potential as lovers.

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READ // Tips for Pain-Free Penetrative Sex with Dr. Summer

A guide from a Sex Coach + a Physical Therapist to help you have pain-free penetrative sex with tools, practices & tips for more pleasure.

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WATCH // Pleasure is a Practice, a 10-Minute Talk

This short talk is part of the Nail that Talk Speaker Series hosted by voice coach Stephanie Keiko Kong. Watch this 10-minute video about how taking back our pleasure is personal, social, political, and why our PLEASURE is our POWER!

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pleasure mapping

PRACTICE // Pleasure Mapping worksheet

By exploring different regions of the body with different types of touch and sensation, you can create a ‘pleasure map’ of your unique body and which sensations you prefer. This can be done during solo play or with a partner.

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READ // Anatomy & Sex Toys 101 Handout

This is a handout I created for a sex toy workshop in partnership with our local toy shop. It covers the basics of penis and vulva/vaginal anatomy, and covers some fun details about sex toys.

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If you have any questions about my work and my offerings, please use my contact form below or schedule a free, 30-minute consultation. Follow me on Instagram, TikTok, or join my Pleasure Collective newsletter for juicy content, juicy practices, and workshop and event updates.