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“Does Sex Coaching work?” 

I was asked this via direct message on socials. I replied to them that, yes, coaching works… but you have to show up for yourself. 

I offer transformative practices and education to my clients to help them dive deep into what’s holding them back, and help them set their minds and bodies free. I will guide you, teach you, share practices and skills, and help you with all your challenges.

But at home, it’s up to you.

You get to take the tools and information home for your own exploration. I offer a lot in session and in class, but you get to go home and do the work to explore, play, and learn (I don’t join for that part)! 

Your sexual healing is some of the greatest, most liberating work you’ll do in your lifetime. Here’s how you start…💦

I’m sharing a collection of the multiple free resources I offer on my website. I want you to play and explore using these transformative tools and practices. Some are for you alone, some are meant to be done with another person. The resources include videos, downloads, and readings to explore. 

When you’re ready to go further, I have three spaces left in my November calendar for coaching clients for six-week commitments. Schedule an introductory call for 30 minutes to get started.

Explore Desire & Fantasy with a Yes/No/Maybe list 💕
I promise, this is the sexiest homework you’ve ever had. Take home this sexy worksheet to learn more about what you really want, what you’re open to exploring, and what’s best left in your fantasies. Get the download here.

Build Sexual Energy with this 12-minute breathwork practice 💫
Tap into your sexual energy and practice breathing, moving, and visualizing to cultivate and expand your pleasure. Watch it here.

Find Playful, Relaxing Touch with Sensate Practice 🥰
A slow, mindful, healing touch practice for couples to explore touch in new ways. Read about the practice here. Read and practice here.

Tips & Tools for Pain-Free Sex 🍑
I partnered with the fabulous Dr. Summer Reynolds to create this handout about pain-free sex. It includes movement tips and education to help you feel your best. Sex should NEVER hurt, and if it does, please click through. Get the handout here

Savor the Sensation & Find Buried Treasure 💦
 A deliciously fun practice to help you create a ‘pleasure map’ of your unique body and which sensations you prefer. This can be done during solo play or with a partner. Get the handout here.

“I’m going to have all my new lovers watch this!” 🎥
That’s the first piece of feedback I received for my on-demand workshop, Rethinking Sex. Dismantle common myths and misconceptions about bodies, rediscover a shame-free sexuality, and find new ways to play. Click here to enroll in this 75-minute course … and set yourself free.

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