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Deep Connections: A Workshop Series with Terra and Andrea

Commit to DEEP CONNECTION with yourself and others during this powerful 20-day transformation. This 3-part workshop series will help you discover your voice, build your communication (and conflict) toolbox, and gain a deeper understanding of desire, needs, and consent. 

This event is co-facilitated by Terra Pracht, Honolulu’s finest Life Coach, and me, Pleasure Coach & Sex Educator. Terra is an entrepreneur and coach with decades of experience in facilitation and non-violent communication (NVC). Andrea is an educator and coach that leads engaging workshops about consent, communication, and pleasure. 

For this 3-part workshop series we have combined our expertise and collective practices to uplevel your communication and consent practices—helpful everywhere from the bedroom to the boardroom! Below are some of the skills that you will learn during our time together: 

  • The art of TRULY listening
  • Feelings vocabulary—how to better articulate your emotional state and the needs underneath
  • The art of extreme self-care and core values
  • Exploring desire using a unique framework for consent and agreement
  • Empathy building and skills practice
  • Boundary setting tools and practices

When: Mondays, Feb 27, March 6, and March 13

Where: Hub Coworking, Kakaako

How: Register using the Google form here

Cost: $111/person

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