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Private Couples Immersions

Dive deep with your partner in a private workshop designed just for you. In your customized 4-hour immersion, we’ll work on your specific needs, desires, challenges, and opportunities for growth. You and your partner will be transformed and enlightened, and you’ll leave with tools and practices to build and deepen your connection.

If you want to truly transform your relationship in a short period of time, my Couples Immersions are the opportunity you’ve been waiting for! In a customized, 4-hour session, you and your partner will work together in a safe container to explore your unique intimacy, connection, and sexuality needs and desires. Our work together might include new communication practices, touch practices, consent work, sensation play, pleasure mapping, and so much more. If you’re wondering if this type of work is for you, see my page here about What Does a Sex Coach Do? to learn more about the range of topics we can cover, and to decide if you could benefit from my guidance and coaching.

Each Couples Immersion will include a 60-minute consultation call in proceeding weeks so that I can learn more about the unique challenges and growth opportunities for your relationship. From there, I will create a custom session plan that addresses your specific needs, desires, and paths for exploration. After our session, I’ll create customized homework (homeplay!) and worksheets so that you can both can continue doing the work to deepen your relationship.

Here are some additional details about my private couples retreats in Honolulu:

  • Some coaches/therapists might call this type of work an intensive; you can also think about it as a mini workshop, a private retreat, or an immersion.
  • All couples and other relationship dynamics are welcome: I welcome and celebrate all queer, kinky, trans, and polyam/ENM folks into my sessions.
  • All sessions are held in a private office space in Kaimuki (Honolulu), and there’s plenty of parking!
  • Days/times are customizable; in our consult call, we’ll work together to find the best time for you.
  • I’ll provide drinks and snacks to nourish your body and mind (I am also a plant-based chef).
  • Pricing starts at $500 per 3-hour session; please message me about building a perfect workshop for you!

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