This is what our clients have to say about Vibrant Wellness Education:

Vivian B. says:

“What a delightfully inspiring evening! Thanks Andrea for sharing your enthusiasm and expertise. Everything you taught during the Vibrant Wellness Education cooking lesson was healthy and DELICIOUS. It gave me some great new ideas to play with in the new year and you’ve left us excited for more classes! Mahalo!”

Miranda S. and Lauren B. say:

“Working with Vibrant Wellness Education was such a wonderful and rewarding experience. Andrea is incredibly knowledgeable and makes trying new recipes fun and interesting. She was very flexible and helped us create an event that was specific to our needs. All of our guests had glowing reviews and have since tried the recipes on their own. Thanks Andrea for a fun and memorable experience.”

Shay Y. says:

“Attending a supper club event hosted by Andrea and Vibrant Wellness Education was a fantastic experience! Andrea’s upbeat personality and enthusiasm for the food was contagious. Conversation flowed among friends as the relaxed atmosphere of the evening was punctuated by ‘ooohs’ and ‘ahhhs’ as we all enjoyed the creative, delicious, and healthy meal. I wish I had left room for seconds!”

Nicole F. says:

“Andrea is an incredible chef! The dinner was both tasty and nutritious, and so worth it! Andrea is an inspiring example of health and wellness, and knows a wealth of information on food and nutrition. I would recommend her services to anyone with an interest in healthy living, whether they are just starting on their journey or well on their way.”

Nori rolls and collard greens rolls.

black rice, Coconut Ginger Tempeh, braised greens, and cabbage slaw.

Manis Kitchenworks Supper Club menu

Cheers- to your next party!

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