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Let’s Vibe Together at my Sex Toy Workshop

In my work as a Sex Coach, I invite everyone to find many pathways to pleasure. For some people this is deeply connecting intimacy practices, for some it’s practices in mindful sex, and for others, it’s exploring new pleasure pathways with new tools and toys.

Whether you’re single or partnered, you are your own best lover—always. Sometimes that means bringing new tools and toys into your playtime and with my upcoming working, we’ll be vibing and playing in all sorts of new ways.

In service of owning your pleasure, loving up on yourself, and generally raising our vibes, I invite you to a playful in-person workshop in partnership with Suzie’s Hawaii (Kapahulu). In celebration of National Sex Toy Day (November 4), we invite you to a workshop focused on sex education and adult play. 
This sexy workshop is for anyone that…

  • Wants to learn more about sex toy options that work for you and see what’s on the market these days. 
  • Is having challenges or pain with intercourse or sexual play: we’ll talk about all the ways to play and heal using supportive tools. 
  • Is curious about sexual anatomy, desire, or arousal… learn some basics about how your body works and what accessories might be helpful to stimulate your whole body. 
  • Wants to explore beyond their standard sex scripts and learn how additional toys, lubes, and accessories can enhance your sexy adventures.  
  • Workshop is for all genders, as long as you’re age 18+

Registration is just $15 for the whole evening of fun and flirty sex education and a sex toy show-and-tell from the Suzie’s team. We’ll explore toys, lubes, and so much more together. To register, visit any Suzie’s retail location (Waikiki, Kapahulu, Kaneohe, or Waipahu). Find them on Instagram, too!

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