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31 Days of Pleasure for Masturbation May

In service of your deepest pleasure, let’s talk about masturbation!

I believe you are your own best lover, throughout your lifetime. Whether you’re partnered or single, solo play (or self-pleasure, or, masturbation) is how you discover your deepest pleasure and explore your body and your deepest desires.

Sex nerds around the world celebrate Masturbation May as a way to own the joy of our own pleasure, and fight back against a system that tells us our pleasure doesn’t matter. But it does!

I created this playful and comprehensive list with my partner (who’s a brilliant Sex Therapist) to offer you 31 new ways to think about playing differently. Learn new tips, techniques, and try new positions to help explore your beautiful body.

This post lives on my Patreon for paid members… are you signed up yet for the juiciest pleasure practices and wisdom?

Love, Andrea

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