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3 Things Your Sex Coach Wants You to Know About Intimacy

I have a new article published on Conscious City Guide all about sex and intimacy, and why I think it’s so important to differentiate between the two. Here are some key highlights from the post, and you can read more in the full story linked here.

1. Sex and Intimacy are Different—But Equally Important

Sex can be any of the delicious, arousing activities we do with ourselves or with others in order to feel sensation, pleasure, and perhaps orgasm. Intimacy is the connective thread between people that makes space for sexual activity to happen. 

2. Intimacy is a Practice

Now that you know some people need emotional connection to have sex, and others need sex to feel connected, think about your relationship. How do you like to engage with your partner? Are you and your partner wired the same, or different? Can you think of a time where these different approaches to sex were a problem in your relationship?

3. True Intimacy Requires Vulnerability 

Learning to be in an intimate partnership with someone takes practice, and it also takes a willingness to be known. It can be hard to really open up emotionally and be truly vulnerable, and yet this vulnerability is a foundational component of deeply intimate connections. I encourage my clients to speak into this is to state it simply: “I feel vulnerable sharing this with you right now.” Speaking into our own feelings and addressing the inherent vulnerability in our statement or request can immediately connect us with the other person and open up their heart. 

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