notes from the kitchen: pu-reh tea

photo from Numi site

My new favorite tea: Numi Coconut Pu-erh Tea. It’s so incredibly delicious and addicting! As if I need more tea to love- have you seen my tea collection?

I have always been curious about Pu-erh tea, supposedly full of antioxidants and full of earthy, rich flavors. There are lots of companies offering this type of tea, but I’ve long been a fan of Numi. They are a small brother and sister company that offers organic, fair-trade, delicious tea products. They offer many varieties of Pu-erh tea on their site- including cardamom, basil mint, ginger, and chocolate. You can probably find them at well-stocked natural or gourmet stores, too. Our grocery buyer got some samples, and I was instantly smitten and purchased some straight away.

But what is pu-erh tea, aside from being a tongue-twister (say poo-air)? Pu-erh is an ‘ancient healing tea picked from 500 year old organic wild tea trees in the majestic mountains of China’s Yunnan province” according to the Numi tea tutorial. It is a black tea, though significantly lighter (less tannic) and more refreshing than traditional black tea. Pu-erh tea is fermented, which results in an altogether different, mellow flavor, and high antioxidant content. It has been said that this tea can, “aid digestion and metabolism, maintain healthy cholesterol levels, help with weight management and naturally boost energy.” All that and it tastes great too!

dark colored but light flavored pu-erh tea is my new favorite.

One thought on “notes from the kitchen: pu-reh tea

  1. This tea sounds amazing Andrea!! I can’t wait to get my hands on some..yum!! I so love that there is always more and more to taste and explore:)
    Thanks for sharing the love!

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