i (heart) food blogs!

Three years ago I became part of the vegan blogging community because I wanted to join the enormous crowd of cool ladies in their (virtual) kitchen. I was happy to be share space with Isa and Hannah and Gena. And the great thing about blogging is that the kitchen keeps getting more crowded with great, inspiring, fun bloggers. The following is a list of recently discovered blogs that make my heart happy.

  • Green Kitchen Stories might be the cutest family ever, and they have created an endearing blog about their food adventures. Great photography, gorgeous food, and lots of inspiration for living the good life can be found here. If you have an iPhone you should get definitely get their ap as soon as you can; it is awesome enough to justify the purchase of the iPhone itself. No, I have not made that leap yet, but thankfully my coworkers do, so I can share with them.
  • Barefoot and Frolicking is a lovely little blog I found via twitter. Marlie is a Toronto based chef and teacher (hey, like me!), and she features mostly raw, vegan, and gluten free recipes on her site, along with beautiful adventures. I can’t wait to begin working on the recipe list, especially the dessert section! I was especially impressed with her vegan and raw cake-pops.
  • My New Roots is the blog for vegetarian wondergirl Sarah Britton. She has been featured in Whole Living, works as a holistic nutritionist, and works at Noma’s test kitchen in Denmark- she kinda lives my dream life. Her blog is a mix of raw foods, vegetarian yummies, and nutritional insights (like eating for fertility and information about food combining). Her recipes are simple, delicious, and always feature things I love like healthy fats, greens, beans and other wholesome goodies.

Are you looking for more blog inspiration? Check out these posts (here and here) about new bloggers gleaned from the 2012 MoFo list. And for some more inspiration, check out the following links to see what I was up to in the past years!


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