a little housekeeping… and redecorating!

BakeryManis has spent some time cleaning house and even redecorating! I’ve updated my categories, tags, and pages to better reflect what BM has aims to be: a homemade & homesteady resource for cooking, baking, growing, and learning.

new & updated pages!

about BM- Once upon a time, a girl began to cook… and grow and bake and teach! Here’s the story.

cooking classes- So, I have this great job, and will continue to share recipes and insights from my twice-weekly Vegan & Vegetarian cooking classes here on Oahu!

resources- My blogroll was getting pretty long, so I created a special place to share blogs, news sources, and guides that I love. Click on the link above for links to vegan, vegetarian, and other food blogs, plus homesteady and food politics blogs.

the recipes– links to all my recipes! If you like them, please be sure to link with love.

the veggie island guide- Are you heading to Maui or Oahu? On this page are recommendations for vegetarian and veg-friendly restaurants on both islands. This list will soon feature a listing of farmers markets and good-food resources for each island. Since I’ve moved back to Oahu, this list will be continuously updated, but Maui will remain as-is.

new categories!

cooking and baking: I do plenty of each, and there are now separate categories for easier navigation. Cooking includes entrees, salads, soups, dips, and everything else; baking includes desserts, snacks, and breakfasty things.

doing: a guide to do-it-yourself (DIY) projects for home and garden.

growing: More often than not, there are edible green things growing in my yard… this is their story.

learning: Products, techniques, tools, and important information for your vegetarian kitchen.

musings: Information about my life in the kitchen, food politics, vegetarian ethics, and radical homemaking + feminist housewife life

news: News about the food world: trends, food safety, food politics, organic agriculture, and health/wellness information

notes from the kitchen: Quick posts highlighting new ingredients, fun stuff, or maybe just some rambling after drinking too much tea… Or just stuff I’ve been working on.

raw: Raw-inspired or raw foods to share

sharing- I like to read books, blogs, and cookbooks and I really like to share what I learn. Includes reviews of books, blogs, and cookbooks, and links for where to find them.

new tags!

I have reorganized my tags to be much more broad and to encourage more searches. The new tags focus on types of food and ideas, including the following: veggies, greens, fruits, cakes, muffins & scones, breads, chocolate, sauces, nuts, coconut, raw, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, spices, cooking class, herbs, writers and bloggers, homemade, homesteady, hawaii foods, whole-grain, wellness.  Find your ingredient of choice in the cloud on the right, or use the search bar for more specific searches.

thanks for sticking around… love, always

3 thoughts on “a little housekeeping… and redecorating!

    • thanks Ali! wordpress makes it so easy to be beautiful! can I ask where you are blogging from? it looks warm and tropical-ish in your photos! I am always curious where my readers are coming from!

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