BakeryManis featured on Healthy Living Blogs

I don’t know exactly what is happening in the worldwide web, but my blog has been crazy busy for the past few day- bad timing too, since I’m still on my little blog break! My hits have quadrupled for the past few days- and this is one of the sources: BakeryManis has been featured on Healthy Living Blogs. HLB is a great site for bloggers to connect and share inspiration for healthy living. I am happy to be a part of their blogger community.

For any new readers (or those of you who might want to learn a bit more about the baker lady behind BakeryManis), check out the Friday Feature from Healthy Living Blogs! Here is a snippet from their site:

1. What is your name, blog name, and how did you create your blog title?

My little blog is BakeryManis. I am really excited about whole-foods baking and cooking, but I want my goodies to be sweet and tasty; manis means ‘sweet’ or ‘cute’ in the Indonesian language. It was maybe not the best idea to choose a foreign language blog title, but I think it’s working pretty well! It’s always a conversation starter!

2. What’s one goal you’re working towards right now?

I have recently begun teaching vegetarian and vegan cooking classes, and I love sharing recipes and tips with students and friends. But I really want to expand my knowledge of nutrition and health, and so I am thinking about taking some courses for nutrition education.

there is lots more to learn… check out their Friday Feature with BakeryManis! yea!



One thought on “BakeryManis featured on Healthy Living Blogs

  1. Quadrupled! How awesome! I think it’s time to invest in that $17 a year for a domain name. I do like your lunch time blogs especially when I’m fed them! Sometimes I think I should blog but it’ll never be about what I cooked, it’ll only be about what others feed me or where I eat out which sounds so self-centered.. muahahaha anyways congrats on your increased traffic – may it bring more opportunity your way

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