mofo mondays: second roundup… more blogs to love!

Just like last week, I am trying to work my way through the Vegan Mofo blogroll, which is actually a tremendous task. This is a wholly random list, though kinda alphabetical. I am happy to say that I found a bunch of new recipes to try, read some great recipe testing, and found more bloggers to add to my quickly-expanding list of blogs. I also realized Joni and I have basically the same weekly themes. Accidental, I swear! Enjoy the roundup!

  • I Eat Grains: so many delicious recipes to try! Chimichuri Tofu, Seitan Gyros, baked oatmeal, and a host of other delicious things coming from this lady.
  • Jessi Jordan had me at hello. Her most recent post is a funny pie chart about what people think vegans eat (tofu, grass, granola, and ?) and what is actually eaten- which is of course a million colors of the veggie rainbow. And she is drawing cartoons for the whole of the Mofo. Awesome, right?
  • JL goes Vegan is a super fun and informative site, and even thought I read her often, I still wanted to include her blog here, because there is pumpkin cookie-bread-muffin-biscotti creation that looks amazing. And she’s super ON for the Mofo thing, blogging and tweeting her heart out. Just try to keep up!
  • Homemade pretzels? Thank you Kale and Cookies! These look so soft and fluffy and yum. She also reminded me that I need to get on that Mexican Chocolate Snickerdoodle cookie thing (with melted chocolate, like she suggests), like asap.
  • Kale is Comfort is a vegan mama making the cutest healthy lunches for her little kids, and making chile rellenos with cashew cheese and biscuits and lentil gravy for the rest of us.
  • Le Chou Sauvage might just be the prettiest blog ever– but she is a photographer and all, so her photos are truly gorgeous- dusky and ethereal- even the steamy tempeh looks pretty in her le crueset pot (probably everything looks good in one of those pots, sigh). I can’t wait to read more from this wild cabbage chica!
  • I learned that I am a Megatarian, and so this cooking and gardening blog will be seeing lots of visits from BM! I really want to she how she cooks up all her CSA veggie goodies (like grilled fennel, yum!) and learn, once and for all, what does one do with garlic scrapes?

Stay tuned for next week’s roundup… I will be working my way from mmmmm onwards… aloha, a

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