mofo mondays: round up of the first week!

As I mentioned in my last post, on Mofo Mondays I will be scouring the web for Vegan Mofo deliciousness. I might not get around the trialing all the new recipes, but I have certainly added these bloggers to my ever-growing list of blogs to love. (I am trying to work through the whole alphabet too, as you might notice from the list!). This is blog love, people!

A note: it is only the third day of Vegan Mofo, so some of these bloggers’ posts are not officially Mofo entries. But that’s ok, right?

  • Awesome Vegan Rad wrote up a beautiful photo-review of Isa’s Appetite for Reduction, which I just purchased but have not  cooked from yet. Her great food photos of the Shepard’s pie, biriyani, korma and mushroomy bites make me want to get on it!
  • Blissful Living, a blogger and nutritional counselor, will be documenting her 30-day vegan challenge. Are you new to veganism? This might be a good place to start! She already knows the most important rule to making healthy eating affordable: “stick to the bulk bins and produce aisles for affordable healthy eating.”
  • Go Greenly: sweet potato and corn tamales?!?! Please post this recipe soon, friend. I can’t wait to see more from this blogger!
  • Hipster Food knows that ‘awesome food is for everyone’ and that means I like them already! And they have a cool theme for Mofo: to “turn your least favorite foods into (hopefully) irresistible dishes.” Not only is the blog beautiful and classy, they write a magazine called the chickpea magazine! Added to the list of new blogs to love!
  • In Her Grace is working her way through the How it All Vegan cookbook, starting with gluten free pizza, which was unfortunately not successful. But I am excited to see their upcoming successes from this popular book!
  • It’s Raining Kale: I am always happy to find fellow kale lovers, and this blog has also made it onto my reading list. The most recent post shows off a vegan raspberry clafouti made for a vegan bake swap… makes me want to live in DC to share the delicious foods!

Share the blog love! Tomorrow is Tofu Tuesday, and I will be sharing my recipe for the Best Baked Tofu ever. Yes, the best ever!

2 thoughts on “mofo mondays: round up of the first week!

  1. Thank you so much for mentioning my little blog! My husband and I are working our way through old cookbooks we haven’t really paid homage to. The first being How It All Vegan. Thanks for your support! Happy VeganMofo! xox

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