aloha again, mofo!

Friends, it is the Vegan Month of Food- aka the Vegan Mofo!

eat, write, repeat!

Around this time every year, bloggers from across the world unite to share vegan recipes and love across our blog borders. There are 800 bloggers participating this year, and BakeryManis is just one little voice in the vegan chorus. For the full list of Mofo-ers and more information check out

Here is the deal- every blogger signs up and agrees to write every weekday for the entire month of October. Bloggers can follow themes or go with randomness, or anything in between. This is my third year partipating, and rather than just stumbling through it, I decided some direction might be nice:

  • Mofo Monday: Sharing the recipes and insights of other Mofo-ers from across the web.
  • Tofu Tuesdays: My favorite tofu recipes (perhaps some tempeh too) to knock yer socks off.
  • Wordy Wednesdays: A space for me to share relevant food news and politics
  • Thoughtful Thursdays: Simple or complicated musings and thoughts (depending on my energy level that day!)
  • Foodie Fridays: My favorite foods of the week

As I mentioned this is my third year participating! Yahoo for BakeryManis. I wish I could say that I have a full month of posts from the previous Mofo months, but there are certainly some missed dates. Granted, life gets in the way: a farm job, arrival of my niece, moving houses, whatevers; I don’t imagine this month will be any different, what with all the full days on my calendar and my impending house move. But regardless… . I will simply go forth and write with the best of intentions to make this Mofo the most complete month yet. Here are the links to previous Mofo month of posts; I will also be sharing individual throughout the month with my daily posts!

Vegan Mofo III: October 2009

Vegan Mofo IV: November 2010

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