notes from the kitchen: my favorite things

This Hawaii girl is happy to be home from my brief holiday to the stunning and spiky desert of Arizona. To celebrate my Grandma’s 85th birthday I spent the previous few days in Tucson with the family (though the party was incomplete: at every turn I was missing my brother and his lady + baby girl!).

Generally it’s pretty difficult on my body to travel; Grandma is always good about preparing vegetarian-friendly foods, but it’s not quite the same as cooking and eating at home. On top of skipping a whole night of sleep flying across the pond, I also missed out on daily doses of greens, bananas, and brown rice. I did pack healthy snacks like kale chippies, hearty crackers, larabars, and there was good fruit too. I even cooked some steamed kale dish for the family- everyone ate the greens AND seemed to genuinely like it! Small but glorious victories for the kale ambassador!

But, today is my first day home and I am so happy to come home to my favorite foods to nourish and heal the body. My favorite things that I miss when I am away:

  • my morning pot of jasmine green tea
  • brown rice
  • local bananas
  • daily infusions of leafy green things
  • vegan baked goodies!
  • good olive and coconut oils
  • nooch and fresh herbs
  • cherry chia drinks and french-pressed coffee
  • local eggs, honey, and vegetables (not necessarily combined!)
  • my little fluffy kitten
  • the boyfriend, who cared for the garden babies, cleaned the whole house, and took me out for my favorite dinner when I arrived home :)

Some photos from the trip:

The vista from the mountains, and my insane cousin hiking beyond the boundaries

desert flowers

after the recent rains, flowers!

saguaro cacti in the Sonoron desert, the only place on the planet where they grow

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