little green

For many years I have practiced growing things in my yard- in the soil, in pots, in old yogurt containers. I use the word practice for my gardening purposefully, consciously. Many use the same term for yoga; we practice yoga with no end goal, but rather enjoyment in the physical process and the continued learning. I think of growing food in a similar manner.  For me, growing food is a practice that encourages ongoing learning, continuous patience, and where we will never attain a final, perfect outcome, Rather, we learn to enjoy the journey for what it is and what it becomes everyday.  That being said, I still want to eat the collards, kales, pumpkins, and lilikoi I’ve nurtured for months! 

I’ve moved six times in the past year, and have started and surrendered many plants on both Oahu and Maui. There is a particular sadness in leaving behind plants in their prime, the compost pile that is well-underway, the fruiting trees that you’ve been watering and feeding. I wrote about this before: learning to grow greens and let go. But finally, we are grounding down here in Waialua. The gardening has begun!

hearty sage and thyme plants, not so hearty basil

pea shoots, which win the award for cutest sprout ever (edibile too!)

baby arugula; i've been adding baby greens to my food all week

give us a few weeks!

Best of all, last weekend the boyfriend built this simple garden box for us. He gathered soil and mulch (for the compost) from the fields where he works.  When I realized how long it will take to fill the whole box (it’s about 20 feet long), and then longer to really get it ready (worm castings, micro-organisms, and other goodies to make it really healthy), I got a bit discouraged. So he suggested that in the meantime we separate the box into sections. Just this afternoon I got busy and divided the box into thirds, filling only one section with bagged potting soil, compost, and lots of worm castings and worms.  After about a week to let the soil set up I will begin to plant in this small section, and allow the remaining sections to set up properly (without spending $100 on bags of soil!). Stay tuned for more photos of garden love.

my favorite little greens: kale!

just a little green… anyone know what this refers to?

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