the best CHOICE on Maui

This is a long-overdue post about, quite literally, one of the best places on this planet to eat.

Choice Maui is easily the most righteous, radical, and charming place on Maui… one of the few things that made me truly happy about that island.  These lovely ladies serve up raw vegan desserts, organic plate lunches, smoothies, epic acai bowls, and fresh juices. Their foods are based around Maui-grown and foraged produce, including a massive amount of fresh coconuts that they crack open daily for juice and food. They also make their own almond milk. They harvest some of their own foods. They change their menu everyday. They can teach you about ashwaganda, goji berries, and the healing powers of spirulina. They will fill your belly with the happiest and most creative lunches you could imagine.  Are you ready for the list of just SOME of their offerings?

Quinoa curry bowls, miso + dulse cabbage salads, kale salads, fresh soups everyday, homemade ‘coconut’ mozzarella, homemade raw vegan cherve, hemp dressings, raw falafel, fresh vinaigrette, raw mango cheesecake, kale chips, maca brownies, and a million more types of raw, vegan, green deliciousness.

marinated coconut medaillions in a choice version of caprese salad

maca balls

oh heavenly kale salad

I met these ladies almost one year ago, when I started working at my deli job at the Honokawai Farmer’s Market on Maui. Emily was running the outdoor market and produce section, and Kathryn was running wellness (and running off to study herbal healing in California).  After a few months of planning, they were able to open their store at the beginning of 2011, and last time I spoke to them they were doing great- business was steady, their menu keeps growing, and they had just gotten written up in the Maui Time.  And they just won runner-up for best new restaurant on Maui.

I can’t think of another restaurant that even comes close to this amount of deliciousness. They are doing the fresh, raw, vegan food thing better than I could have imagined. Their daily specials pop up everyday on my Facebook feed, and everyday I am inspired and impressed with their creativity!  I miss their giggles, their vibes, and their food. Congrats Kathryn and Emily for a most amazing health bar. Hopefully we will see you soon!

Check out this great article about the ladies of CHOICE here, on Maui Times.

And before you go to Maui, check out their Facebook page or the Choice website (under construction).

*all photos from their Facebook page*

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