fresh from the market!

Our Haleiwa Farmer’s Market is on Sunday morning, and we make a trip down the road every week at 9am sharp.  This week, another bounty from farms of Oahu: choi sum, collards, red russian and lacinato kale (all below), cremini mushrooms, bananas, tangerines, grapefruits, purple carrots, green onions, organic eggs, and some cookies (um, those are long gone!).

Behold the green bounty:

who's the green goddess? hehe

one year ago on BakeryManis: my obsession with all things vanilla: frosting, cake, and french-pressed coffee? yes please! The vanilla powder is by far one of the best things I’ve ever eaten… and I was just reminded that I need to order some more from Bright Earth ASAP!

two years ago on BakeryManis: recycling’ less-than-perfect chai cupcakes… into more cupcakes!

… desserts to make up for all that green goodness!

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