north shore style

As I mentioned in my last post, the year long Maui experiment is FINALLY over, and the boyfriend and I have settled back into our true island home of Oahu.  I’ve lived here for over ten years, and he grew up here, and it’s as amazing as I remember, and with great perks: good friends, my little bro, his gorgeous lady and their pretty baby, and the boyfriend’s family too.  All this alongside great restaurants, fantastic farmer’s markets, and a huge new Down to Earth for me to work at! On top of that, I also am able to experience a totally different side of the island: this townie girl is living on the gorgeous north shore of Oahu in cute Waialua town.

yes, please!

We are surrounded by farms and fields on two sides, the Waianae mountains in the background, and the ocean on the other side.  And we’re only five teeny minutes away from Waialua and Haleiwa towns: funky shops, great farmer’s market, good foods, and some of the most amazing beaches and surfing in the world.  Seriously.  I’m going to get myself a bicycle again and ride as much as I can around town.  Just yesterday some town friends came up in the morning for beach and market time: we hauled away beautiful lychees, mangoes, bananas, greens, onions, local eggs, local butter, lemons, limes, herbs and even LOCAL CRIMINI MUSHROOMS!  Amazingness.  I also just found a new veg-friendly cafe, a cupcake store, another bakery-cafe, a local foods store, and some yoga, all of which I have yet to check out! Stay tuned to BM for news about NS food and markets.

charmingly overused image for north shore....

I am so happy to be home.  And wait until you see my enormous pantry!!! This baker grrl is STOKED!

Last year on Bakery Manis! Big Bowls of StuffOrzo & dill pasta salad and Carrot, Raisin, & Dill salad– both totally fantastic to make up during for those too-hot-to-cook kinda days.

4 thoughts on “north shore style

  1. You are so missed, but I am very happy for you :-). You make O’ahu sound lovely. I may have to check it out. Much love.

    • you should come and visit- i would love to host you… i just need to set up the house first! see you soon, love

  2. hi mandy- enjoy your last year + on maui…. i am sure oahu will embrace you! and you can visit me on north shore anytime! aloha, andrea

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