be with the changes

About this same time last year, I headed on a big journey from one island to another.  Leaving my family, friends, and everything I with which I was familiar, I headed with my new boyfriend to Maui to start over. But, I am more than happy to share the news that BakeryManis is moving again- HOME to Oahu! Today marks my last day here on Maui, thankfully so.

My witty friends the BuddyMollys said it most succinctly:

“When I first moved to Hawaii, I was told many legends of the islands. One being, if the island liked you, accepted you, it would grant you many pleasures and persuade you to stay – if she didn’t, you would spend all your days figuring out a way to leave her.”

Sure enough, Maui made it clear she didn’t want us.  First a shit job, then no jobs, then underpaid jobs; a massive car accident, selling off prized possessions to pay rent, consigning most of the rest;, canceled flights on a long-awaited trip home, broken teeth, ripped off by landlords, ripped off by employers, and a very-near dissolution of the relationship.  And indeed, we always talked about a way to leave the island, about how and when we could finally go home.  Late last month, Oahu finally beckoned us home.  It came in the form of a job offer for the boyfriend, which was quickly followed up by a transfer for me, an offer to crash at his father’s house; the container was loaded, the truck was shipped, furniture was shared, and now it’s just me and the kitty at a nearly empty cabin.  Tomorrow she and and I will put my car on the boat, board the flight together, and I will cry because we are finally home: with family, with friends, with each other.

To end, a beautiful quote from the music film one giant leap:

“… there is change afoot. Be with the changes and at the same moment cultivate equanimity, spaciousness, emptiness, awareness, clarity.  May it be so.”

4 thoughts on “be with the changes

  1. Wow, mother Maui was mean to you! I am glad that your return to O’ahu is a joyous one for you. You’ve got a job and a house, sounds like you were wanted there. :-)

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