things i love

The past few months have been a bit rough and I’ve been a bit cranky about all manner of things: my long drive and the high price of gas, the lack of opportunities on Maui, the cabbage moths eating my kales, no time for surfing, serious need for a haircut… blahblahblah. Of course there are heaps of good things in my life, but during those cranky moments, it can be too easy to forget about blessings, big and small.  Sometimes it’s the most simple things that make me happy… big jars of food for health and wellness, and even a bit of luxury.  And the kitty!

Jars of healthy, healing foods: chia seeds for my soaked chia drinks and oats for my breaky and a huge jar of brown rice.

chia seeds and oats!

one gallon of brown rice! we eat it faster than you can imagine!

Vintage jar with jasmine tea: At $40 per pound, I am pretty sure this is the most expensive thing I consume. But my daily morning ritual smells like jasmine and vanilla, and makes my mornings that much prettier.  And the jar that is extra cool because it was from the goodwill store. And it didn’t have that icky vintage onion smell, thank goodness.

obviously, it's time to buy more tea

Homemade chocolates: my new favorite dessert.  Simple, decadent, Superfood Chocolates handmade by me (but you should try it too!).  Serious happy food.

just like that... homemade chocolate

and non-food related, but a chance to show off the prettiest, furriest mountain dwelling tigress… my little Physhy.  She never fails to make me smile with her kitten antics, little nibbles, her incessant purring, and affection for all non-kitty foods, like muffins, coconut ice cream, and acai.  Just yesterday she drank my honey’s coffee.

how do they always find the clean clothes to roll on?

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