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For those of you readers that live here in the Islands, I have some good food news to share with you- local foods, local business, and local flavor!

Madre Chocolates:

notice the conspicuous absence of the actual chocolate...

Using Hawaii and internationally grown cacao, Madre chocolates creates single origin and blends of handcrafted vegan chocolates.  Hibiscus infused, Amaranth crunch (my favorite), pink peppercorn and smoked salt, and even a triple chocolate blend are offered in their online shop, with shipping to nearly everywhere! Check them out on facebook and their site.  They are also around at farmers markets, so go check them out.  Their customer service is fantastic, and their chocolate is even better! I was just turned on to these guys from my ladyfriend, the rockin’ baker grrl at Kale’s Natural Foods (which will soon carry their products, for you lucky Hawaii Kai folks!).

Slow Food Maui Taste Education:

Slow Food Maui offers monthly Taste Education events featuring local chefs and food geniuses.  I missed the last class because I was home sick, but I would have loved to learn homemade gelato and sorbets, from Melissa of Penguini in Paia.  Penquini is a teeny store hidden behind the Paia Inn, but worth searching out.  Find Penguini virtually on Facebook too.  There were 60+ people signed up, so register early.  Next month is homemade chocolates! Though I am feeling pretty accomplished with my own DIY chocolate, I am so stoked to learn more about the process.  Unfortunately, most of the classes after that are fishy and meat based, and so this veggie girl is not going to be attending any more.

Maui made preserves and Pickled goodies:

I met the kind folks of Maui Preserved at the Makawao Farmers Market a few weeks ago, and they had a delicious sampling of small-batch pickles, hot sauces, marmalade, and such.  Best of all, they are using almost all Maui-grown produce.  They even created a Mountain Apple Cane Sauce, for your pancakes or other sweet treats.  Their product line changes with the seasons and local availability. Right now you can find them at the local farmers markets, and items are also available at their Haiku kitchen by appointment.  Find them on facebook and on their blog here.

Menu Changes at Cafe Prana Nui:

I have loved this restaurant since they opened last year.  Their menu has been through a few changes, and their latest offering is a tempeh and rice based big ‘mac’riobiotic burger, which is… simply the best food ever.  Really! My friend and I devoured one whole burger each, plus a good helping of jalepeno coleslaw.  Unbelievable sauces, great bread, hearty tempeh burger- sooo good.  Cafe Prana Nui is facebookable, they have a blog, and a website.  And they cook all that good food in a school bus!

Chef Elijah‘s Coconut Kefir and Coconut Yogurt:

I met this guy and his fantastic coconut elixirs at an event for BodyAlive yoga studio in Wailuku.  Not only are his coconut creations delicious (well, I am not really a fan of kefir…sorry, Elijah), but he was super knowledgeable about his product and about food in general.  His coconut goodies are available only as small-batches, and you gotsta call him directly.  He does private chef stuff too, Maui folks! Check him out at Chef Elijah.

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