gifts of health and wellness

though i try to keep gift giving and receiving to a minimum around christmas, there are always a few little gifts exchanged every year. my mom cannot not send something, and i actually found a great gift for the boyfriend too. so there was just a little christmas gifting all around:

from the parents: lovely organic fair trade pangea organics soaps (a luxurious and hard-to-find brand here).  and! a new muffin pan which made perfect cupcakes!  and from the boyfriend: unlimited yoga at the studio up the street! oh yoga, it’s been so long…


and from my lady love jessi: delicious homemade cookies and this rockin’ magnet.  my garden is actually having some issues right about now, but it’s too funny!

kick ass!

and for the boyfriend, my kale loving counterpart: a tee from bo at eat more kale! not only did we get this great shirt, bo hooked us up with a bunch of rad stickers that say, guess what? EAT MORE KALE!

find this and others at


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