i want a hippopotamus for christmas

well, technically a hippopotamus is not on the available list, but you can purchase a family of goats, a dozen chicks, a camel, and a wide assortment of animal related love for oxfam america‘s unwrapped gift-giving/donation program.

how clever is this?

homegrown wool, anyone?


this is how it works: pick a gift for a friend or loved one, they get sent a card saying that, for example, a tribe of goats was donated in their name, and Oxfam America gets the money and puts it towards programs to help “find solutions to poverty, hunger, and social injustice.”  it is true that if you pay for a goat, it does not mean that the farmer in Peru will actually get one goat, but it’s symbolic- and encourages us to think about what is really important this holiday season- and the rest of the year!

the goats are high on my list...

oxfam unwrapped also offers all manner of do-gooder gifts like school uniforms, helping a woman start a small business, and digging a well in a community.  check out their site for lists of great (and clever) gift ideas and share the joy with everyone.

a pair of oxen for the fields.

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