oahu again!

random yummy food photos from my last visit to oahu… i added the photos to the restaurant listings here, but i thought i would share here too!

bakerymanis spent last weekend on oahu- spending the thanksgiving holiday with the boyfriend’s family. so, for anyone that was waiting for food porn from my last trip, here are some snippets.

from my favorite: peace cafe.  tempeh sandwiches, grain-coffee mochas, and the best spelt muffins ever!

popeye sandwich: miso-tofu and spinich

most delicous tempeh ever! the tempting tempeh sandwich!

not a great photo: but a delish muffin! pumpkin & pecan spelt muffin

jimbo noodles: non-vegetarian, but moderately veg-friendly (one menu item is vegan, and you have to ask for no fish/bonito/fishcake/etc.), but so yummy- it’s worth all the work!  homemade udon and the best vegetable tempura ever.

amazing homemade udon with tofu, mushys, green beans.

soba with shoyu dipping and vegetable tempura: carrot, sweet potato, squash, and beans!

missed this time:

hale for vegan macrobiotic foods (they closed for reclocation.  poo…. but congratulations on getting bigger!)

Himalayan Kitchen.  i miss good indian foods!

phuket thai for coconut soup! nothing compares to this place… well, i forgot my camera.  curry is not so photogenic anyway.

kale’s for some amazing cookies and snacks from little hee’s kitchen.  i am stoked you got the holiday off but bummed we didn’t make it….  for those cookies!

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