buy nothing day… sort of

A diversion from the usual food news and joy here on bakery manis, but relevant in that everything-is-related kinda way.

so, i got a lot of hits on my last post for buy nothing day, but I suppose its mostly out of curiosity rather than support. I know that many people think it is a bit wacky, unpatriotic, dumb, etc. i read the Facebook page for the BND campaign and there were detractors even there, saying that it was ruining our capitalist economy, and that we were dumb for trying to grind the consumer machine to a halt. But i think those commenting in the negative are missing the point…buy nothing day (and adbusters in general) simply advocates for consumer awareness and this is why i try to promote it every year.

consumer awareness is incredibly important, especially around this frenzied time of year.  millions of people buy into the pressure to shop on ‘Black Friday,’ and succumb to the idea that we have to buy things simply because they are on sale during this holiday weekend, or simply just because we should be shopping at this time of year.  of course, there are good sales to be had if you are looking to purchase something for your home, or if you have been saving for the perfect iAnything for your lover.  but i would hazard that most of the purchases made last friday (and for the rest of the holiday season) are mostly unnecessary, and likely damaging to the environment as well.  the stat I posted on Wednesday stated that 44% of the waste stream is from short-lived packaging, such as that from holiday purchases.   so what i propose, and what i hope to inspire in readers of my blog and of my feminist housewife column, is to really think about your purchases, and what will become of them six months after being purchased.

what if we purchased less and yet gave more?

and so how did i do on buy nothing day? i ended up buying stuff!  well, i only bought lunch, coffee and snacks, and my excuse is that we had to, because we were on holiday on oahu and because we were out cruising all day.  but i was able to eat lunch at the most fabulous (locally-owned and vegan yum) peace cafe and get some delish coffee and snackies at the  (locally owned and long-running) coffee gallery on our around-the-island journey.  ha.  actually in only bought food all weekend long, and some new haviannas because both my pairs broke within two days of each other! damn.

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