local goodies… from our yard and elsewhere

starfruits abound...

i know that it is very cold for most folks right about now, but allow me to share the joy of maui’s autumnal bounty.  we’ve been exceptionally fortunate these past few weeks, and great food is quite literally falling into our hands.

this country road takes me home

on my drive to work, along a winding country road, there is a sign reading “5 starfruits for $1.” this is a great price for these relatively rare fruits. starfruits have quickly become a new favorite fruit of mine, with the crisp flesh and mild/sweet flavor similar to a white grape… but tropical.  and they look like freakin’ stars! how cute is that?

still life with woodpecker... um, oranges

and more! at this cute little house of ours there are not one, but two avocado trees- one should be ready very soon- one mango tree (finished for the season) and a gorgeous orange tree dripping with fruits.  last week I harvested about 10 pounds of delicious fruits, and gave most of that away to our friendly neighbors in the cottage. there is also a lychee tree, some unproductive bananas, and a macadamia nut tree too. we cannot actually locate this tree, but we know it’s here because we get bounced on the head with nuts from time to time.

but most joyful of all, there is a coconut tree, and I just did my very first harvest. usually coconut trees are an impossible 50 feet tall, but this one tree is only about 20 feet tall, and leaning just perfectly on the roof. so, with the help of a very tall ladder and a very nervous boyfriend, i hopped up on the roof and cleaned and trimmed the tree, and harvested a huge bunch of coconuts, each weighing in at about 3-4 pounds. unfortunately I was overly excited and chopped them all at once; I should have checked because they are actually a bit too young. there is a ton of juice inside, but no meat at all- not even the young gelatinous stuff. there are lots of baby coconuts on the tree, so hopefully within the next six months we can enjoy those too!


and our new neighbors gave us some cute little limes and a very funky squash from a farm upcountry.  and my boyfriend’s coworker gave us this beautiful avocado. maui’s bounty, indeed.

huge, gorgeous avocado: priceless

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