heading to oahu!

this map is not really correct, but it is cute!

oh oahu- the gathering place! oh, how i’ve missed you and my people!

island of ever-crowded surf, nonstop traffic, hoards of tourists… and land of veggie food love! bakerymanis is heading home to oahu for five days to celebrate my niece’s first birthday and spend lots of time with family and friends- finally!

stay tuned for some food porn from oahu!

on the to-do list:

peace cafe

Himalayan Kitchen

olive tree

loving hut

phuket thai


2 thoughts on “heading to oahu!

  1. That sounds lovely :) My family is from Hawaii. My grandparents spoke in full pigeon English. I’ve only been once to Maui and Oahu. I hope to go back someday. Have fun on your trip!

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