new favorites

i really like to eat.  and i love to try to new things and share them here, not to make heaps of money promoting products, but just to, y’know- spread the vegan love!  these are some of the things i’ve been loving since i last posted about other favorites!

sweet seaweed snack: i have never been a huge fan of seaweed, because it is usually too salty for me.  this little snack is sweet & salty– and so good.  i like it sprinkled on brown rice or noodles, soaked in miso soup, or just straight out of the package (good to follow up with other foods… it leaves a weird aftertaste!).  i am crazy about this product, i just wish the packaging was not so wasteful… and there is that little packet of poison inside to keep it dry. ick.

eziekiel cinnamon raisin bread: our new favorite bread.  i’ve tried some of the ezekiel breads and wraps before and have never been totally impressed- until now.  this hearty, flour-free mildly sweet bread is perfect for breakfast with just a bit of earth balance.  sometimes i even drizzle some maple syrup on top, for a quick, faux french toast.  it’s also yummy with coconut butter or apple butter.  and it’s totally good for you, with sprouted millet, rice, barley, and rice.

soy dream french vanilla ice cream: too often soy ice creams are too light and not fatty enough to be quite ice cream-y enough.  but soy dream french vanilla is very creamy, totally delish, and has a terrible habit of disappearing quickly from the freezer.  my kitty loves it too!  this is absolutely my favorite vanilla ice cream (my favorite chocolate is the purely decadent coconut milk, if you want to know).  i like this sweet vanilla dessert topped with cacao nibs or shaved bittersweet chocolate, or mixed into strong coffee for an afternoon treat.

udon noodles: i’ve always eaten udon noodles, and have written about them multiple times (like for creamy udon noodles & shitake tempeh).  but i have found my favorite brand, which beats out the cheap locally made ones i used to purchase.  koyo brand noodles are made in china (which i usually don’t dig), but these folks use heirloom wheat, give money to farmers, and other ecogroovy stuff.  and their noodles are so very tasty.  koyo brand makes multiple varieties of udon and soba noodles, along with other asian-style treats.  i think one udon package feeds me three times alone, or me and the boyfriend just once, perhaps with some leftovers.

hemp milk: a new favorite for sure.  we picked it up on a whim and have never looked at soy milk the same!  this pacific foods hempmilk is incredibly thick and creamy, which makes it ideal for recipes with a cream base (like my teriyaki cream tofu).  it might be a bit too thick for granola or cereal, but it has worked as well as soymilk in baking.  i have not tried the chocolate version yet, but i imagine it makes the best hot chocolate for cozy winter nights.  and, health-wise… i really like that it is a new seed to add to my diet; though i often eat hempseeds, i eat a lot more soy, almond or rice- it’s nice to mix all the grains/seeds up to add variety to our diets.

ms meyer’s basil scent dishsoap (ok not a food, but helps clean up after all that eating!):  simply the best smelling soap ever! come in teeny bottles, so i don’t buy it often, but the scent is lovely and reminds me of the first house we lived in here on maui… sweet nostalgia (and clean dishes!).  

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