find me workin' it here!

indeed, this little lady has found herself a new job at the local vegetarian health food store.  i work at the thrice-weekly outdoor market and at the deli counter, serving up smoothies, acai bowls, and doing some light food prep.  i am totally stoked about the new playing-with-foods position, especially since i was getting pretty irritated with the crap my boss was trying to run at the other market stand.  the day i made the decision to quit the veggie stand, the new job was posted on craigslist, and i was hired in just two days! whoo-hoo- instant gratification!  it’s actually been a few weeks working there, but i wanted to see how things played out at the store, and determine what i might actually be doing! it all might change tomorrow, but as of today…

i work the monday, wednesday, and/or friday outdoor market, which is pretty hectic; i arrive at 5:30 am with green tea in hand, only halfway ready to lift tables, boxes, and handcarts that weigh more than me.  after setting up the samples, fresh bagels and breads, produce, and other sale items i am usually sent inside to help out in the deli, which i prefer for many reasons (air-con being at the top of the list!).

the deli really is a great place to work: minimal customer service, playing with foods, juicing, making smoothies and doing light (raw) food preparation.  in the mornings our main mission is to make an enormous batch of guacamole.  we make it everyday, sometimes twice, and it sells out everytime.  then we clean and stock up the salad bar and ready it for the lunch rush.  in the meantime we are whipping up fresh organic juices, acai bowls, and fruit-based smoothies.  during afternoon shifts we get special deli projects, like juicing 20 pounds of lemons, prepping slightly damaged fruits for smoothies and making raw goodies for our customers.  i was hired to add to the existing raw goodies, but so far i have not had the chance to whip up too much.  i was also supposed to be doing some baking, but without muffin pans and spelt flour, it hasn’t been happening (yet).  i did make one batch and customers told the employees they were ‘dreaming about those vegan muffins.’  that makes me totally happy!

but the best part of the job is making smoothies and juices.  i have never owned a blender, so i feel like there is so much potential yumminess open to me (oh yes, and customers too!).  i am not much of a fruit-eater, so this is a good chance for me to increase my daily intake of fruits. we have a good amount of fresh produce at the store, and a big selection of fun superfoods like maca, mesquite, hemp powder, and cacao.

smoothie in a jar- my half-finished maca latte

some of our menu items include a coconut acai bowl, blended with coconut water and topped with shredded coconut, a jungle and ocean smoothie made with acerola cherry, strawberries, and spirulina, and my favorite- a maca latte: coconut water base, frozen bananas, dates, maca and cacao.  creamy, nutty, and just a hint of chocolate.  so good.

though we have a great selection of smoothie goodies at the store, i try to bring a jar full of ingredients to mix with the frozen bananas or almond milk from the deli stock to keep my costs down; otherwise i would be spending a good chunk of my hard-earned dollars on frozen treats!  the following is a list of some delicious smoothies i have already whipped up, and others are just ideas for things i want to experiment with…

almond joy: almond milk, almond butter, frozen banana, maca, and cacao nibs

hemp joy: hemp milk, hemp seeds, banana, and ginger

tahini-berry cream: tahini, frozen berries, and almond milk

avo-licious: whole avocado, almond milk, honey, and frozen banana

cacao & acai smoothie: unsweetened acai pack, frozen berries, coconut water, cacao, and cacao nibs

greens & berries: handful of fresh kale, mixed berries, coconut water, and spirulina

more smoothie recipes to come, for sure!

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