bakery manis goes to washington!

maybe i could cook up some scones for lady obama... and maybe play in her organic garden...

bm will be on holiday for the week! i am heading to our nation’s capitol for the nuptials of my dear friends jessi and joshypoo.  too bad they moved to the other side of the country for this here wedding… they totally owe me like $1500….

i have done some research (perhaps some mapping, and itinerary planning too… if that’s not too geeky) and i am planning on checking out as many veg-happy restaurants, cafes, and bakeries i can find (indian food! middle-eastern food! vegan bakeries! maybe even a pilgrimage to the hold trader joes, since i’ve never been…).  it’s been a long time since this island girl has been on the mainland, and i am pretty excited about the joy that is a big city!  

i’m back on maui! while in DC i did not do any scouting for bakerymanis! i did have some places i wanted to hit up while i was in the city, but instead i spent heaps of time with my girls, met some new friends, and generally tagged along with the wedding crew- which was certainly much more fun than wandering around eating cupcakes alone.  i was totally impressed with the veg selection at all the restaurants we went to, and was happy that the waitstaff at most the restaurants new their ingredients.  i ate some great food, drank some great wine, and had fun all around.  i can make my own vegan cupcakes anyway….

photo from the fancy hotel website.

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