homesteading on sunday!

after a saturday evening harvest on the farm, sunday morning revealved itself to be an exceptionally busy day- in a homesteading kinda way!  the farmer did the cooking all day, using up the sweet corn, baby carrots, fresh green beans, mixed greens and herbs from the farm, while i did the dehydrating and juicing.

lots to do today!

– the lemons got juiced, jarred and frozen for later.

– the lilikoi (passion fruit- yellow fruits in the middle) got chopped and then the pulp was boiled down to make juice and puree.

– the papayas became dehydrated papaya spears and fruit leather (mixed with passion fruit!) (and some got given away!)

– the pineapple got chopped and diced for dried fruit, and some got mixed with bananas and the Suriname cherries for more fruit leather.

– those beautiful greens (collards and lacinato kale) became additions to my morning miso soup, our lunch of field roast stew with corn and carrots, and were added to our kabocha wraps for dinner.

yums all day long.

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